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Time Travel Survey - 2017

The results of this survey was discussed during a December 2017 airing of The Gathering on Signs Of Life Radio

Time Travel Survey

Forever Family Foundation recently conducted a brief survey on the subject of time travel. The subject is of interest to the foundation, as many among the bereaved wonder if events could be changed by traveling either backward or forward in time.

The survey, which was conducted on-line, asked if the technology existed for time travel, would the respondent use the technology. In addition, it was asked if one would choose to travel to the past or the future, and the reasons for each. Respondents were also able to express why they would choose not to time travel.

84.4% of the responders indicated that they would use the technology to time travel. Among this group, 66.2% indicated a preference to travel to the past, 16.8% would travel to the future, with 16.8% not indicating a preference.

Among those choosing to travel to the past, common themes in the responses indicated a desire to change outcomes of events, correct past mistakes, and see deceased loved ones again. Those who chose future travel showed a curiosity to see what is in store for them, to see how choices affected their future, and where they were headed beyond the physical existence. Those who indicated no desire to time travel did so for a variety of reasons, such as fearing not being able to return to the present, not trusting the technology, and not wishing to change outcomes and the possible repercussions.

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