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Forever Family Foundation Experiment One - May 2005

We wish to thank all of the participants in our first group experiment. The experiment was quite simple in design - we asked a volunteer to conceive of and construct an object. Those wishing to participate in the experiment were asked to describe any information that they were receiving about the object.

The object that was constructed was a stained glass pane depicting many colorful butterflies. We had a total of seventy responses. Although none were exactly correct, two responses were very significant. One responder described going to her deceased daughter's grave and watching a beautiful monarch butterfly come and sit on the grave. Another responder described a "butterfly" feeling in her stomach. These two responses would seem to indicate some ability to receive information from extra-sensory means.

It is interesting to note that several submissions, even though the object was not discerned, accurately described the detailed physical appearance of the artist. Many gifted remote viewers often pick up details and images that surround the target. Thus, it is quite possible that many of the objects described could have been present in the room in which our butterfly stained glass was made.


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