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Forever Family Foundation Experiment Three - March 2006

This experiment was designed to determine if medium readings were general in nature, and therefore could be applied to a large percentage of people. In this experiment, we published an actual reading from a respected medium that was given to a family. Readers were asked to score the information given by the medium as if the reading applied to them. The following global scoring method*** was used:

6 – Excellent reading, including strong aspects of communication, and with essentially no incorrect information.

5 – Good reading, including strong aspects of communication, and with relatively little incorrect information.

4 – Good reading, including strong aspects of communication, and some incorrect information.

3 – Mixture of correct and incorrect information, but enough correct information to indicate that communication with the deceased occurred.

2 – Some correct information, but not enough to suggest beyond chance that communication occurred.

1 – Little correct information or communication

0 – No correct information or communication

***The scoring system is called Arizona Whole Reading Rating System (AWRRS) from the Human Energy Systems Laboratory at the University of Arizona and was developed by Julie Beischel, Ph.D. and Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D.

The actual sitter who was given a reading featuring the following statements scored this reading as a "6," which is the highest score available.

The results are as follows: 15% rated the reading as zero. 45% rated as one. 35% rated as two. 5% rated as four. Thus 95% scored the reading as not enough correct information to indicate that any spirit communication took place. Although our representative sample was not large enough to be statistically significant, the clear indication was that medium readings cannot be dismissed as being general in nature.


•“Do you know someone in the family that has had surgery to the face?”

•“Is your name John? There is another John. There is a reference to two of the same.”

•“Someone has someone’s ring; I can tell you that right now”

•“And do one of you girls wear someone else’s clothing?”

•“You lost a daughter? Someone has death by impact; has to be either an accident . . . some piece of machinery”

•“Where does the number 9 come from?”

•“Does someone find out about the accident later down in the day, or like a day later? Cause she is making me feel that someone has had a terrible accident and someone can’t locate somebody, or they are trying to find them. . . . It’s out of town”

•“You guys understand the name Zachery?”

•"They are showing me blackboards which means someone is going for a degree in education, or someone is going to be a school teacher”

•“The accident feels vehicular or like something flies into her. . . . She doesn’t feel like there’s any time to say goodbye. It’s just finished. There is no survival time. This is auto, yes?”

•"She is telling me she has a male father figure with her. Did your father live in Florida?”

•“Someone has diabetes connected to you. . .and someone had a massive heart attack . . .and someone collapses in their own home”

•“Where does the S-T sound come from? Stanley, Stacy, Stephanie?”

•“She is throwing me a diploma and honoring. . . which means she has a scholarship set up in her name”

•“Who in the family was a huge cigarette smoker? May have had lung cancer or emphysema. Someone is showing me a black chest.”

•“Do you understand the name Ben?”

•“Is he on the other side of the family? . . .because they switched my hand on me”

•“Is there a Laura in your family?”

•“Who wrote the letter that was written after her death? I’m referring to something personal and hand written, and presented to her and brought it to her gravesite.”

•“Who’s the other fellow in this accident? Was it you? You go into a coma? It has to be. It’s a blink thing, a classic sign for coma.”

•“You didn’t break your ribs, did you?”

•“Who had a vent put inside her?”

•“There is definitely another John here that is connected. For her to go to a middle name, it’s to separate John A from John B. She keeps insisting that is not the John she wants to go to, so she’s going to your middle name”

•“What does the 23rd have to do with you?”

•“Do you understand Dix Hills?”

•“Tell me about the tree.”

•“You are lucky that you didn’t lose your eye.”

•“Do you take karate?”

•“Do you understand the name Bpp or Bippy, Beppy, or Bibbie?”

•“Did one of you guys go to a wedding, or just had a friend engaged?”

•“Did anybody ever live in Oakland?”

•“Does the name Bauman mean anything to you? You don’t work for Allstate or something, do you? . . .or like an insurance adjustor or something related?”

•“Who works with animals?”

•“Is there an animal named after your sister?”

•“There is also a reference to an animal or cat that may have been named by her”

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