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Forever Family Foundation Experiment Four - February 2007

This experiment assumes the fact that our minds (consciousness) can affect matter. There has been ample research showing the effects that group consciousness has on healing, as well as extensive experimentation showing how consciousness can affect the output of random number generators.

An area that begs for more exploration is electronic voice and video phenomena. There are ongoing research projects that seem to indicate that discarnate entities can carve their images out of white noise, or imprint a voice message on tape.

This question remains. If those who have already passed on from the physical world remain entities of consciousness and can accomplish such phenomena of “imprinting,” why shouldn’t those in the physical be able to do the same? We ask your participation in the following experiment:

On two consecutive evenings, February 27 & February 28, 2007 beginning at 9:00 PM and lasting until 9:10 PM Eastern Time, we ask that all of our members wishing to participate in this experiment follow the steps below.

February 27th: Please concentrate on the image of Santa Claus provided at the end of this article. At the same time, please imagine Santa Claus saying, “Ho-Ho-Ho.” You can verbalize the sound, or merely concentrate on the sound internally. Visualize your mind “sending the image” to our recording equipment in New York.

February 28th: Please concentrate on a deceased loved one and ask that they participate by imprinting their image and name on the foundation’s recording equipment in New York.

While the experiment is going on, we will have a video recorder taping a non-broadcasting station, thus providing a white noise background. We will also be running tape recorders as additional methods of picking up sound.

On February 27th, we will be looking for evidence that those in the physical can use the mind to affect matter.

On February 28th, we will be looking for evidence that those in the non-physical can accomplish similar results.

It is not necessary to enroll for your participation. However, it would be appreciated if prior to the experiment you would send an e-mail to us at [email protected] to let us know that you will be participating. This will give us some general idea of the pool of participants.

NOTE: We know from prior research that discarnate entities can sometimes communicate sounds and images that are not able to be picked up by today’s technology. However, should you wish to help validate any such communications that are received on our equipment, we ask that you send us PRIOR TO THE EXPERIMENT a photograph of the loved one you will be asking to participate. These photographs will remain in their sealed envelopes until the recordings are completed. In this way, should an image be recorded during the experiment, we can subsequently provide compelling evidence of survival. We can not guarantee a safe return of your photos; please send only duplicates or copies of your photos, and please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

We will, of course, publish the results of this experiment on this website and in our next newsletter.


Examinations of the recordings did not include any computer program enhancing equipment in examining the tapes, relying only on the naked eye for video and normal hearing for audio.

The audio results revealed no discernible voices in either part of the experiment, however, there were anomalous sounds on the audio tape, which were "knocks" and sound cadences, but no voices. Of the four different recording devices running during the experiment, these sounds would only appear on two of the recorders. Similarly, the video loop running showed no discernible images.

While reports of Electronic Voice Phenomena picked up on simple home equipment, often unexpectedly, is common, professional EVP researchers often use image and sound enhancing computer programs. In addition, these researchers set their recording equipment to run for extensive periods of time, increasing the chances of picking up significant images and messages.

The foundation is grateful to all those who participated in this experiment.

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