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Personal Experiences Survey - 2016

The results of this survey was discussed during a 2016 airing of The Gathering on Signs Of Life Radio

Personal Experiences Survey – 128 Responses

To the question “Is there one personal experience that you can recount which assured you there is life after death?” 89% of respondents answered in the affirmative and 10.1% indicated that they had no such experience. 111 people chose to elaborate on their defining experience, and the narratives were broad based in scope. They ranged from subtle sense of presence to visual and other sensory contact.

Some examples are as follows:

“After my daughter died, I was angry at God and my husband (he caused the accident). I begged God to show me why my daughter had to die. I was shown a bubble-like screen that opened up in front of me. It was a vision of a sunny day and I could hear the birds singing and it was on my farm. I appeared to be in the background walking into my farmhouse. Somehow I knew I had to walk into the living room, and there in front of the window was someone sitting with red hair (my daughter had red hair). As I got closer to her I realized that she was sitting in a special wheelchair and as I moved in front of her I saw my sweet daughter as a quadriplegic, with twisted limbs and a face that I could hardly recognize as my daughter. Immediately I could hear the sweet whispers of my daughter telling me, ‘I couldn’t come back and stay even if I wanted to Mom. I didn’t have a body to come back to. I’m so sorry Mamma.’ After that, I understood and was at peace knowing that she was all right.”

“My grandfather appeared next to me in a car and told me that he had died. He was only about 2/3 of his size here on earth and somewhat transparent. 45 minutes after this I arrived at my home and my wife told me that my grandfather had died.”

“The day my husband passed I heard a man’s voice calling my name as I was alone outside of my house. I went around the house answering, as I thought it was a neighbor who had been looking after our pets. No, there was no one around. The voice was calm and not intending to frighten. I couldn’t tell if it was my husband’s voice, as he had been unable to speak for a long time due to ALS. I wasn’t frightened, but smiled and acknowledged that I knew that he was alerting me that he passed in the hospital a few miles away. Also, I was happy that he didn’t say goodbye. If he had, I would have felt devastated. It was as if he just left the door open, with the hope I would know we would be together again, in time….”

Many of the survey answers were quite compelling, and of note was the fact that most stressed the fact that there was no fear involved in the after death communications. In another survey question it was asked if people could recall a personal experience that assured them that ESP and intuition were real. 73.4% responded yes, and 25% no.

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