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Meditation Survey - 2016

The results of this survey was discussed during a 2016 airing of The Gathering on Signs Of Life Radio

Meditation Survey – 146 responses

To the question “Have you ever meditated?” 85.6% answered yes, and 14.3% answered no. 46.5% indicated that they are meditating presently and 37.6% answered that they were not. Among those who meditate 19.8% meditate at least once per day, 18.4% a few times per week, 3.4% about once per week, and 3.4% answered that they meditated whenever they got the urge.

When asked to describe the importance of meditation in their life, 36.9% indicated that it was extremely important to their health and well- being. 77% advised that meditation helps them gain perspective and manage stress. Of particular interest is the fact that 69.6% replied that meditation helps them to experience non-physical communication.

18.4% have been meditating for more than 10 years, 9.5% five to ten years, 10.8% two to five years, 4.1% less than two years, and 2% just started. Among those who indicated that they do not meditate, the highest percentage stated that they didn’t think that they would be successful at it. Among those who did meditate, the highest percentage indicated that they would describe their meditations as moderately successful.

Forever Family Foundation embarked on this survey because the vast majority of professionals, when asked about the best advise they could give to those who desire to foster non-physical communication, uniformly suggested meditation. The fact that 69.6% advised that this is the case seems to corroborate that the advice is valid.

Listen to The Gathering aired January 17, 2016 on Signs Of Life Radio

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