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Sense of Presence Survey - 2016

The results of this survey was discussed during a 2016 airing of The Gathering on Signs Of Life Radio

Sense of Presence Survey – 207 Responses

When asked to categorize themselves, the majority of respondents fell into two categories: 1) they are not in acute grief but have experienced a past loss, or 2) they consider themselves to be intuitive. When all were asked if they ever sensed the presence of a person who is deceased, a whopping 84% indicated that they had. Among this group 8.2% said that they experience this sense of presence frequently, 12.5% indicated often, 13.5% occasionally, 4.3% said more than once, but rarely, and zero said only once.

When asked what specifically made people believe that a deceased person was near, there were 78 respondents. Responses ranged from a “change of atmosphere” to full blown contact. The following are a sampling of responses:

“Sense of presence in the area but hard to describe …. an invisible feeling”

“There was a sudden and overwhelming knowing that my father was standing next to me. There was someone else in the room with me but the feeling of my father’s presence was so powerful that I suddenly stopped talking to the other person and called out, ‘Danny, what is it? What’s wrong?’ I later found out that a family member had just died.”

“An internal ‘knowing’, sometimes with goosebumps on the left side of my body. That sense you get as when you think someone is staring at you.”

When asked if the discarnate entity was identifiable, 32.3% indicated yes. The question was also asked what knowledge, if any, accompanied the experience. 78.4% indicated that they had knowledge of who the entity or entities were, 50.6% answered that they had knowledge of where the entity was in relation to their physical space, and 29.1% indicated that they had knowledge of the specific number of entities present (respondents were asked to check off all answers that apply).

Respondents were also asked how their sense of presence experience made them feel. The overall response indicated comfort and peace. The following are a sampling of answers:

“Comforted. At peace giving hope. It gives a spark of light, an ember, a nugget of light and hope. If even for a moment.”

“Very, very comforted. I wasn’t really alone and my loved one was still with me.”

“So grateful and calm and restoring of my faith in life after death.”

“It brought me a sense of comfort and peace along with the power of their love.”

“I felt like they wanted me to know that they are there with me in this life…it was a good comforting feeling.”

Listen to The Gathering aired July 7, 2016 on Signs Of Life Radio

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