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Keeping The Connection to Deceased Loved Ones Survey - 2016

The results of this survey was discussed during a 2016 airing of The Gathering on Signs Of Life Radio

Keeping the Connection to Deceased Loved Ones Survey – 136 responses

The question was asked if respondents ever experienced a communication from a person no longer in the physical. 89.7% answered in the affirmative. In responding to a series of questions, the overwhelming majority felt that after death communication was possible, and all expressed their desire to have such a communication. Roughly one half of respondents felt that the depth of one’s grief affects the likelihood of receiving communication, and a majority indicated that they have tried to facilitate such communication. A large majority stated that they are not fearful of such communication, and they also felt that cultural or religious beliefs did not affect the communication.

The question was asked how long of a time elapsed before receiving the first communication from a deceased loved one. The overwhelming majority experienced such a contact within the first year, most occurring in a range from the first day to the first few months. One person reported communication while their loved one was still on life-support in the hospital.

In regard to making a connection, it was asked if they did anything in particular that they believe made the connection possible. Desire and remaining open were common among the responses. A sampling of those responses:

“I simply desired to make contact and trust that it will come when it’s right. Then I go about my routine.”

“I read a lot about the afterlife. I talked to my departed loved ones daily.”

“I was open to the communication and I got messages in my dreams and during meditation.”

“I would talk with my brother, mostly telling him how I felt and missed him.”

When asked how frequently after death communication occurred with a specific discarnate: 30.1% categorized the communications as happening occasionally, 13.2% advised it happened only once, 11% said it happens rarely, and 16.9% have frequent communications. Also, 39.7% of respondents said that the communications diminished with the passage of time, and 31.6% advised that they did not diminish with time.

In responding to a series of statements, it was a unanimous response that our loved ones in Spirit continue to be part of our lives here. Also unanimous was the statement that there are many different realms in the Spirit world, and communication with the dead is not something that should be feared. In addition, the overwhelming majority felt that there comes a point when those in spirit no longer communicate with the physical world. People also overwhelmingly dismissed the notion that our loved ones can no longer communicate once they reincarnate.

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