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Summer Grief Retreat 2019 - Love Knows No Death

Jul 26th, 2019 4:00 PM to Jul 28th, 2019 5:30 PM

Our Summer Weekend Retreat with Three #FFFCertifiedMediums Will Show You That The Mystery of Death is Not A Mystery At All!

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This is a very special all-inclusive weekend of like-minded people and experienced facilitators coming together to SHARE, LEARN, EXPLORE, AND DISCOVER. This get-a-way retreat is being held in an intimate center within a bucolic setting in quaint village of Chester, Connecticut. The weekend features a combination of small break-out sessions and general presentations, all designed to open minds to the reality that there is life beyond physical death. This retreat will be limited to a maximum of 50 attendees, and smaller break-out sessions will further enhance the overall experience.

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Facilitators for the Weekend

Featured Facilitator: Mo Therese Hannah,PhD

Dr. Mo Therese Hannah, Professor of Psychology at Siena College, joins us to discuss grief, the afterlife, and life after loss. She does this from the perspective of both a professional clinical psychologist and a bereaved parent. She will be discussing the difficulties faced by those who have lost loved ones in addition to suggested strategies for coping with grief. Many wonder why emotional and physical trauma often trigger a desperate search for meaning. Some find hope after encountering evidence that our loved ones do indeed survive physical death, something that Dr. Hannah both recognizes and encourages. She will also be talking about specific techniques that many have successfully used for not only healing from trauma and grief, but also for contacting deceased loved ones.


Sirry Berndsen

Sirrý is a Certified Medium with Forever Family Foundation who has been blessed with the gift of mediumship throughout her life. After embracing her clairvoyance, premonitions and vivid dreams, she decided to use her abilities to heal and comfort those who have lost loved ones. She has lived around the world, and understands the complexity of many languages – an ability that has helped her mediumship. She continues to utilize every opportunity possible to master all tools of spirit communication. Sirrý is also a Reiki Master, and maintains her private practice in Massachusetts.

Joseph Shiel

Joseph Shiel, Certified by Forever Family Foundation, is a highly acclaimed Evidential Psychic Medium, Spirit Artist and award-winning teacher and has known the presence of Spirit since infancy. He is a talented and expressive artist, who with guidance from Spirit, draws recognizable and accurate portraits of departed loved ones without the use of photographs and without possessing any prior knowledge of them or their physical characteristics. Joe commits himself fully to communication with those who have passed on by being extremely detailed & evidential in his readings and drawings and has become internationally known for his accuracy, integrity and his commitment to others. He shares his talents with clients, students & audiences worldwide; teaching speaking & performing demonstrations of evidential mediumship and Spirit Art deemed by many as "Portraits from Heaven." He is also a dynamic and creative instructor & motivational speaker and brings his inventive and lively style to classrooms everywhere, including the renowned Arthur Findlay College where he serves as a guest tutor. Joe received his Philosophy degree at Boston College & performed his graduate work in theology at Colgate Crozer Divinity School & St. Bernard’s Institute. He is the author of Edge of Wilderness: You Are My Poems, Prayers and Songs

Rebecca Anne LoCicero

Rebecca Anne LoCicero has been working as a psychic medium for the past 20 years connecting for clients worldwide, although she has been intuitive her whole life. The knowledge of the afterlife has been a fact she has faced, experienced and enjoyed, and her mediumship work has brought her joy while bringing healing to others. Her unique style of presenting evidence has captured the attention of many clients as she communicates in a no-nonsense and often humorous fashion. Rebecca Anne is a Certified Medium of Forever Family Foundation and also one of its active volunteers. She is the founder of The Beyond Center in Connecticut, and author of Living With Messages From Heaven. Many clients come to see Rebecca Anne for Life & Spiritual Coaching as well as for mentoring those who have these same abilities.

Afterlife Explorers Extraordinaire and Hosts of The Gathering on Signs of Life Radio

Bob & Phran Ginsberg

Tom & Melissa Gould

Special Guests for the Weekend

Priscilla Gale & Himalayan Sound Bowls

Priscilla shares Sound Bowl Meditation, Reiki Healing and the Crystal Healing Mandala.

Marion Porter, Shaman

Marion shares Sacred Fire Ceremony welcoming in Spirit, Reiki Healing and Shamanic Healing