Visionary Explorers Group™ - FREE!

December 12th, 2020 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Monthly online meetings on the second Saturday of each month.

2 pm Eastern / 11 am Pacific (please check your time zone)

“Together we have the ability to focus, concentrate, and intensify the reality of the spiritual world.” - Dr. Betty Kovács

The Visionary Explorers Group, facilitated by Dr. Betty J. Kovács, was formed as a joint project between Forever Family Foundation and The Kamlak Center to explore, share and reflect on Unexplained Visionary Experiences, such as visions, after-death communications, dream visitations, and subtle body experiences. The online meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month by invitation utilizing on line meeting software incorporating webcam technology.

Those interested in joining the Visionary Explorers Group, please contact:
Kimberly Saavedra, Director of The Kamlak Center, at [email protected].

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The Visionary Explorers Group members have all been touched by the experiences shared with each other. It is a small, intimate group which gives members the confidence and courage to share such personal, meaningful experiences. Some of our members have shared after-death communications, dream visitations and important visions for healing and learning about the spirit dimension. It has been interesting to observe the spontaneous development of themes during the meetings. For example, at one meeting three of the members shared stories about their mothers on the other side. And several members shared that their loved ones who had died in a violent accident had communicated to them that they had experienced no pain.

We have discovered that it really is true that hearing other people’s stories and experiences strengthens our own relationship with the spirit world. We are mindful that the size of the group will impact the depth and intimacy that can be achieved. Therefore, please be certain of your commitment before you join this group.

Visionary Explorers Group™ - FREE!