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Those who have suffered the loss of a cherished loved one find themselves thrust into a strange and lonely existence. The world continues to go about its daily business.

How can it when your own world has crumbled?

The fact is you are not the person you were before. You may no longer enjoy the things that you once adored. Things that were once terribly important to you may now seem abhorrently insignificant. You may now be incapable of experiencing unbridled joy. Some describe living in a sort of parallel universe, existing everyday not knowing for what purpose. Some lose their faith. Many are very angry with a god that they were taught to believe was all-protecting.

However, grief can be transformed from hopelessness to hope with the understanding that our lives here are just one small part of a life that continues beyond this physical world. Many describe finding a new spirituality, and some, a new understanding of the universe and their relationship to it.

The fact remains; many thoughts that you are having, those that seem totally unique to your own "tormented" self, are the same thoughts that many in your situation also share.


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Carly Simon's Life Is Eternal


I've been doing a lot of thinking / About growing older and moving on / No one wants to be told that they're getting on / And maybe going away / For a long, long stay

But just how long and who knows / And how and where will my spirit go / Will it soar like Jazz on a saxophone / Or evaporate on a breeze / Won't you tell me please

That life is eternal / And love is immortal / And death is only a horizon / Life is eternal / As we move into the light / And a horizon is nothing / Save the limit of our sight / Save the limit of our sight

Here on earth I'm a lost soul / Ever trying to find my way back home / Maybe that's why each new star is born / Expanding heaven's room / Eternity in bloom

And will I see you up in that heaven / In all it's light will I know you there / Will we say the things that we never dared / If wishing makes it so / Won't you let me know

That life is eternal / And love is immortal / And death is only a horizon / Life is eternal / As we move into the light / And a horizon is nothing / Save the limit of our sight / Save the limit of our sight

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Losses As The Result of Suicide

The book, Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?,* passes on the wisdom gained by hundreds of spirits who, after dying through suicide, communicated messages from the other side. The major themes of those messages are:

  • Immortality is a reality
  • Reincarnation is fact
  • We are here because we want to be here
  • The circumstances of our lives have been chosen by us as the best for our development
  • Each incarnation has a goal, a purpose
  • We have the equipment necessary to cope with an incarnation
  • We are all responsible for ourselves alone, and our development is up to us

So, these tenets are repeated by the surviving spirits of hundreds of successful suicides. Life continues after death, souls return again by choice to learn, to work out their karma, to refine themselves, and to evolve. Every life, no matter how difficult, was picked by that soul for a purpose. And, again, we have what it takes to master our challenges. In every difficulty lies the potential for growth.

Grief by the living regarding those who have ended their own lives does not help these souls after they have left their bodies, and can even be harmful, holding them back from progressing. It may be hard for some of those left behind to let go of their grief, anger, and guilt, but this is what spirits ask us to do. They also remind us that we are still loved and that death does not end the connection we share with them.

*Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife? by Pamela Rae Heath and Jon Klimo, 2006. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, pp. 378-379.

Thanks to Dr. Mo Therese Hannah for suggesting the above book as a reference on this topic.