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Signature Cherry Dark Chocolates - Perfect To Let Those Missing Someone On Valentines Day Know They Are Loved!

Valentines Day is the Perfect Time to Let Those Feeling Alone Know They Are Still Loved

Let them know they are in your thoughts by sending a package of Signature Cherry Dark Chocolates, created and hand made by Chocolatier Loyd Auerbach exclusively for Forever Family Foundation . . . and order some for yourself too!

(Profits go to support the work of Forever Family Foundation)

Forever Family Foundation Exclusive Signature Cherry Dark Chocolates are produced by Haunted By Chocolate

The production is limited and will end on February 8, when Haunted By Chocolate will stop taking orders

Why Has Chocolate Always Been The Gift of Choice On Valentines Day?


FOOD OF THE GODS Cacao was named Theobroma, which means "food of the gods." by Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist who laid the foundations for the modern biological naming scheme of binomial nomenclature. For centuries, people have been enjoying the rich flavor of chocolate, a product made from this plant.

GOOD FOR THE HEART Not surprisingly, it also is good for the Heart! Researchers have known that dark chocolate is good for the heart because it protects against heart disease in two ways: by returning movement to hardening arteries and by keeping white blood cells from gathering on blood vessel walls, thus fighting off plaque formation.

Order Your Forever Family Foundation Cherry Dark Chocolates From Haunted By Chocolate Today!

Made exclusively for Forever Family Foundation, these delectables are lovingly crafted with 70% cacao content dark chocolate and flavored with natural cherry oil making them the perfect sentiment for Valentine's Day. The smooth blending of deep (not bitter) chocolate and cherry flavors is sure to please the palate. Each piece is typically a little bigger than a half dollar (and certainly thicker!).

Hand-made/hand-dropped by Loyd Auerbach (owner and chocolatier of Haunted By Chocolate, and coincidentally, President of Forever Family Foundation) each chocolate is imprinted (from a cacao butter transfer) with Forever Family Foundation's logo on its bottom and individually wrapped in red metallic foil.

Orders can be received up until February 8 -- There is a limited amount that will be produced, so order soon!

$10 per dozen plus shipping, they come attractively packaged in a clear bag (a dozen to a bag) so the shimmering red foil treats immediately catch the recipient's eye .... and taste buds!

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