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We don't charge for membership or our core services - we are donor supported. Now, more than ever, YOU can help change worldview about what happens after we die. Your donations make a difference, and together we can do great things!

Come explore the afterlife during our one hour live interactive radio show that has been airing since 2005. The show is brought to you weekly in four different formats featuring top credentialed experts in the various fields of afterlife studies, and specialty broadcasts with elite Mediums who hold the exclusive certification by Forever Family Foundation. The show is intended to help you learn about the evidence for life beyond death, grief transformation, and the nature of consciousness. All shows are archived on this website for future listening.

All mediums are not the same! It’s easy to become confused by all the so called “experts” around, as well as various unsubstantiated claims of those calling themselves mediums. Forever Family Foundation has a process by which mediums seeking certification are vetted and undergo an evaluation of their mediumistic evidence. The process takes place under controlled conditions and only those mediums with exceptional ability gain certification. This valuable resource page will benefit both the bereaved on their journey as well as those seeking guidance on developing their own skills in the area.

Life Does Not End With Physical Death! Learn about the information not readily available elsewhere! Discover reliable information about mediumship, near death experiences, deathbed visions, reincarnation, electronic voice phenomena, after death communication, apparitions, psi research, as well as experiments and surveys. Learning about such evidence can help change one’s view about physical death and can be helpful in transforming one’s grief.

Grief is hard! Here is a resource for all those who have suffered the loss of a loved one that includes information regarding the nature of grief, resources that can help, grief retreats, coping and transformation mechanisms, workbooks, mediums, meditations, and music.

Helping Others Helps You Heal! Forever Family Foundation runs on 100% volunteer power – nobody gets paid, or has ever been paid since our inception in 2004.. We are engaged in many different projects and dedicated volunteers, those who wish to work for the greater good, are always treasured. Join us in our mission to educate the public about evidence of life after death!

The reality is that Forever Family Foundation survives because of the generosity of its donors. Membership as well as most of our core services are free, as we do not want to deprive anyone of our information because of money. However, it costs money to run an organization and we rely upon the support of those able to contribute. Please become part of our Family and join us in our mission to educate the public about the evidence for life after physical death