And The Winners are . . . . Raffle Winners


Would you like to volunteer?
We are pleased that you are considering donating your time to join the efforts of Forever Family Foundation in our goals to further the understanding of Afterlife Science through research and education.

Did you know that Forever Family Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization? Not a single person in this entire organization gets paid. All of the wonderful work accomplished since our recognition as a not for profit 501 (c) 3 organization has been done by people of common interest coming together to get the word out...and get the work done.

As Forever Family Foundation continues its global growth, more and more volunteers are needed around the world for the more important work that takes place behind the scenes.

Forever Family Foundation Volunteers Share These Common Qualities
  • Desire to Help Others with No Expectations of Personal Gain
  • Being Open to the possibility that We All Survive Our Physical Deaths
  • Having both the ability and time to Commit to and Complete Specific Tasks and/or Projects
  • Have been members of Forever Family Foundation for at least 6 months
  • Understand the Mission and Focus of Forever Family Foundation

If you are interested in joining us, please read our Volunteer Mission then send an email to [email protected]. Include an explanation of why you would like to help and specific skills or areas of expertise that will add to the success of Forever Family Foundation. (For example: "I have been writing grants for 3 years." "I have a master's degree in marketing." "I have experience in fundraising.") This is only an initial step so please keep your explanation brief and do NOT include any attachments. Note that volunteers placed into an active role will have been a member of Forever Family Foundation for six months or more.


Please Note: Mediums who are interested in working with and aligning with the philosophies of Forever Family Foundation should visit our Certified Medium pages on our website and proceed from there. We have received many requests from both sitters and mediums interested in participating in our Medium Evaluation Certification Process. This is for established mediums, and is not a training program. If you are a medium interested in certification, please click here for further information on certification. In the interest of maintaining the integrity of this program, we can not respond to requests from those wanting to be sitters.