NOTE: Forever Family Foundation does not offer mediumship training nor development. If you are seeking development, you may refer to our list of certified mediums who may offer development classes.


We Don't Test Mediums; We Evaluate An Established Medium's Ability to Communicate With The Dead

The Forever Family Foundation Medium Evaluation Certification Process is a science-based examination of the ability of a specific medium to bring forth information without the use of fraudulent or deceptive means. Each medium is exposed to a variety of sitters and a composite scoring system is used to determine the accuracy of the information presented by each medium. The sitter selection is controlled to ensure that none of the mediums has any prior access to the sitter or any information about them. Sitters are pre-instructed on specific scoring procedures to ensure the integrity of the program. The process takes place via the internet with use of webcams.

Please note - the certification process is very rigorous and is designed so that only highly developed mediums will be successful in attaining certification. Applicants who feel that they are in the developmental stage of the work are cautioned to wait until they are extremely confident in their spirit communication abilities. The purpose of the program is to provide a resource to the bereaved, not to provide individual validation to a medium who is questioning whether or not their ability is "real."

The foundation seeks mediums who share our goals of helping the greater good, and who will work with us in offering evidence of an afterlife and hope to those in grief. Mediums certified through the Forever Family Foundation Medium Evaluation Certification Process all make a commitment to donate their time in assisting the foundation in its work.

This program was created in an effort to help protect the public from frauds and underdeveloped mediums. The failure of a participant to meet the minimum proficiency guidelines does not necessarily mean that the applicant is not a medium, or even a very fine medium. The foundation can only attest to the fact that during the procedure a specific medium demonstrated a high level of proficiency in spirit communication under controlled conditions. These mediums have demonstrated that they can provide significant information, reportedly from discarnate entities, at a level that is well beyond chance and could not be reasonably guessed or inferred, and thus have successfully passed this process.

Please remember that mediums do not have a "direct pipeline" to spirit. Although science has not yet proven exactly how the process works, it is clear that there must be a "match" among the medium, the sitter and the discarnate entity. The most gifted mediums will readily admit that this "connection" is not always made. Thus, one should not seek the services of any medium with unrealistic expectations.

If you are a medium visiting this page, and are interested in the work of Forever Family Foundation and would like more information on our Medium Evaluation Certification Process, please send an email with your complete contact information to [email protected]. Prior to applying for certification, mediums must have been a member of Forever Family Foundation for a minimum of 3 months while learning to understand the goals, mission and work of its volunteers.

The Medium Evaluation Certification Process is conducted free of charge. Mediums do not and can not pay to be listed on this site. Those seeking the services of a medium should be wary of sites that charge mediums to be listed as "recommended" or "certified."