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Winter Grief Transformation™ Retreat 2020 - Love Knows No Death™

Jan 10th, 2020 4:00 PM to Jan 12th, 2020 5:30 PM

A Winter Weekend In Warm & Sunny Florida with Three #FFFCertifiedMediums Will Warm Your Soul

This is a very special all-inclusive weekend of like-minded people and experienced facilitators coming together to SHARE, LEARN, EXPLORE, AND DISCOVER. This winter get-a-way retreat is being held in a comfortable and modern hotel in sunny Florida, and features a combination of small break-out sessions and general presentations, all designed to open minds to the reality that there is life beyond physical death. This retreat will be limited to a maximum of 50 attendees, and smaller break-out sessions will further enhance the overall experience.

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Tentative Schedule for the Weekend

Facilitators for the Weekend

Featured Facilitator: Piero Calvi-Parisetti, MD

Italian-born Scottish author and speaker, Piero Calvi-Parisetti, is a medical doctor with a scholarly passion for psychical research, especially for the study of scientific evidence pointing to survival of human personality after bodily death. He authored several books on the subject, and developed an original patient education approach directed to those who suffer because of the loss of a loved one and those who are in fear of impending death (their own or a loved one’s). "Love Knows No Death," his newest project that he donated to Forever Family Foundation, introduces the concept of a self-help workbook with an accompanying video course based on this approach. His latest project involves personalized grief and bereavement counseling based upon the Continuing Bonds approach.


Doreen Molloy

Psychic medium, Doreen Molloy is the author of Proof Positive – Metaphysical Wisdom. In addition to being a Forever Family Foundation Certified Medium, she is lab certified through the University of Arizona's VERITAS Research Program as well as through the Windbridge Institute. She sits on the Medium Advisory Board for both the Windbridge Institute and Forever Family Foundation and she is the host of the Forever Family Foundation’s monthly radio show "Mediums & Messages" on Signs of Life Radio. In addition to her private practice in Hudson County, NJ, Doreen is a licensed Grief Recovery Method ® Specialist, and teaches personal workshops on mediumship development, introduction to Tarot, beginner’s astrology and psychic development.

Angelina Diana

Angelina Diana is motivated to work towards the greater good of the world and is dedicated to the work of healing through mediumship, but she did not begin to actively embrace her abilities until her adult years. While working as a radio newscaster on an assignment in exploring the legitimacy of psychic mediums, Angelina discovered her own heritage. Fight it as she did, Angelina was being brought down a pathway that would force her to leave her journalistic career behind, and replace it with something even she had a hard time explaining at first. Angelina has ever since enjoyed a successful career in mediumship work. She was the original medium certified by Forever Family Foundation, sits on its Medium Advisory Board, and was instrumental in helping to create and host the Signs of Life Radio show. She also does volunteer work for FFF and many other worthy causes, is based in Connecticut, and does private and group readings. She can be heard on the radio on Connecticut’s KISS 95.7 with Courtney & Kiss in the Morning show.

Renata Santorelli

Renata, a certified medium of both Forever Family Foundation and The Windbridge Institute, has been communicating with those in the afterlife since the age of three. The spiritual world was not something her family understood, and although what she was experiencing was very real, she learned that she could not discuss her ability with most of her family without severe repercussions. It was not until her third near death experience that Renata began to realize that maybe what she thought was her biggest curse in life might be a gift. In 1998, during the physical healing process from an automobile accident, Renata’s beloved brother took his own life. After his passing she fell into a deep depression, until one night months later when she had a visit from him. During this visit, her brother told her that it was now time for her to begin using her abilities and gifts to help others. His visit transformed her life forever.

Afterlife Explorers Extraordinaire

Bob & Phran Ginsberg

Tom & Melissa Gould